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Fine Foods Collection

Discover a variety of premium gourmet products, including wild fresh white and black truffles, award winning farmed caviar of both Russian & Siberian sturgeon, bottarga from grey mullet coming from small traditional producers from Messolonghi & rare seafood such as Live Alaskan King Crabs, various species of Lobsters, oysters and more. Our years of expertise can guarantee only the finest and most exclusive variety of products from the most renowned producers in the world.


Fine Foods Collection is the latest addition to Fine Group, the leading lifestyle management & VIP services company in Greece. All our business aspects pursue perfection. Thus, in FFC we have gathered the world’s finest delicacies, based on excellent ingredients, skilled artisan producers, beautiful ambience and unforgettable tastes. We are happy to represent exclusively iconic brands like Petrossian Paris, Joselito Jamon, Edmond de Rothschild Heritage, Peck Milano and many others, creating a collection of deli products which will impress even the most gourmand clientele.

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